Air Duct Cleaning Q & A

On average, the cost to get your residential air ducts cleaned in Milwaukee ranges from $400-$1,500. The cost varies based on factors such as:

  1. Size of home
  2. Number of vents
  3. Condition of ducting
  4. Accessibility
  5. Experience of duct cleaners
  6. Type of Ductwork

Prices may increase if there are pests, mold, or damage to the ducting.

You may notice a difference in the air quality, smell, and dust around your home after having your air ducts cleaned. Allergies may improve if you and your family are hypersensitive to dust particles. You might also notice that your energy bills will go down slightly, and you won’t have to replace your HVAC HEPA filter as often. There are numerous benefits to air duct cleaning.

Do not attempt to clean the air ducts yourself. This is not a DIY friendly job and it takes knowledge of the inner workings of your furnace and HVAC system. Attempting to clean your home’s ventilation system on your own could damage your furnace if dust and debris get into the A/C evaporator coils and heat exchanger.

Air duct sanitization is an absolute waste of money and is only a temporary solution to remediating foul smells in your home. This add-on service is highly profitable for duct cleaners and does little to nothing to eliminate odors coming from your ducting. If you are looking to get the smoke smell out of your house from nicotine products, then use a smoke bomb!

The best air duct cleaners in Milwaukee are ones that have been in business for a long time, use high-powered air lines and negative air vacuums, and have high-quality reviews. You can find a list of great air duct cleaners on Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, and The Better Business Bureau. Stay off Groupon, Facebook & Craigslist!

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Q & A

The average cost to get your dryer vent ducting cleaned in Milwaukee ranges from $150-$300. The price will vary due to:

  1. Dirtiness of the vent
  2. Accessibility & Location
  3. Material of venting
  4. Condition of venting

Having your dryer vent cleaned by a professional is recommended so that your home will not become a fire hazard.

Dryer vent ducting needs to be cleaned on a yearly basis. The reason is that dryers exhaust a lot of heat and lint collects on the vent walls which is highly flammable. Dryer vent fires are the 2nd cause of home fires each year. If it has been more than a year, then get your dryer vent cleaned.

Dryer vents can be cleaned by homeowners but is only recommended if your dryer vent is up to building codes and is easily accessible. Using the right dryer vent cleaning brush and an idea of how your dryer vent is designed is essential so lint build up is fully cleared. Use caution and make sure your vents are reconnected properly.

Dryer vent cleaning takes 30-60 minutes for professionals to clean from start to finish. It may take longer if the vent is longer than 35 feet, needs repairs, or is completely clogged with lint. A professional will be able to give you an approximate time after reviewing the dryer venting.

The best dryer vent cleaners in Milwaukee are featured on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List & the Better Business Bureau

Air Duct Cleanings FAQ Continued:

Does air duct cleaning make a mess in my home?

No, when the proper precautions are taken and the ventilation is sealed off, furnace is powered down, sections are zoned off and a high-powered vacuum is used then there will be minimal escape of dust and contaminants. Dust will not get all over your belongings.


How are air ducts cleaned?

Air ducts are cleaned by a process called negative air suction. By using industrial grade vacuums that pull 5000 CFM, dust and debris when agitated will be sucked into the HEPA rated vacuum. Agitation tools are also used to disturb the dust stuck on the vent walls. Essentially, your HVAC system is turned into a giant vacuum.


Is air duct cleaning a waste of money?

No, air duct cleaning is not a waste of money if you choose the right company. Be sure to choose a company that has legitimate reviews, negative air HEPA rated vacuums, high powered truck mounted air lines and agitation tools. You will waste your money if you hire a company that uses anything that looks like a shop vac.


How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Clean your air ducts every 5-7 years to prevent the buildup of trapped dust, contagions, mold, dust mites, and construction debris. If you have severe allergies to dust, then it is recommended to get them cleaned on an as needed basis. By cleaning your air ducts, your furnace will run more efficiently and also save you on utility bills.


How often should I change my furnace air filter?

Change them every 3-6 months or as needed if you have severe allergies. Set a reminder on your phone to check your filter on a quarterly basis if you always forget to change your filter. If you are changing your furnace air filter every month, then this could mean your air ducts are severely dirty and may warrant a cleaning.


Is air duct cleaning loud?

Air duct cleaning is not loud because the high-powered vacuums are typically placed in the basement or outside to mitigate the noise. The noise generated from the vacuum is a relaxing hum consisting of white noise. It will be loud if your furnace is located on the main floor of your home. The noise may bother some customers.


Does cleaning air ducts help with airflow?

Yes, when your air ducts have been constricted due to decades of dust and debris build up. Air flow that is obstructed will have a hard time reaching the farthest point from the furnace. Rooms may be cold or hot depending on the season. The furnace in turn will work extra hard causing unnecessary wear and tear.


Does air duct cleaning remove mold?

Air duct cleaning can remove mold, but it is best to hire a certified mold remediation company before having your air ducts cleaned. Disturbing the mold will cause the spores to move throughout your ventilation system and contaminate your home even further. Only hire certified and trained companies to remove and abate mold in your ducts.


Can I clean my air ducts myself or DIY it?

Absolutely not! To properly clean your air ducts you need the proper training and equipment. If you do not understand how your furnace works or how your ducting is laid out, then you can create a bigger mess and damage your furnace. Air duct cleaning equipment is expensive and specially designed to remove all contaminants in your system.


Does air duct cleaning remove mold?

The vacuum and agitation tools are strong enough to remove mold, but it should not be done by an air duct cleaning company. Agitating and disturbing mold will cause even more contamination and should only be done by licensed and trained mold remediation companies. If you know your air ducts have mold, then hire someone to do an inspection and test.


Does a home warranty cover air duct cleaning?

In most cases, no. Air duct cleaning is not considered to be necessary as it is a maintenance task that is expected to be taken care of by homeowners. Dirty air ducts do not directly impact the furnace and components. The dust left behind by the previous homeowner does not damage appliances.


Does negative pressure air duct cleaning work?

Yes, and it is the only preferred method to clean your home’s air ducts. Negative air turns your furnace and ductwork into one large vacuum. By doing so, all the fine particulates and contaminants are pulled into a 2-3 stage HEPA filter within the vacuum. Do not hire a company that does not use negative pressure air.


How do I know if my air ducts need cleaning?

You will need an air duct cleaning if any these apply to you:

  1. New Home Purchase
  2. Recent Remodel or Construction
  3. Severe Allergies to Dust
  4. Pet’s That Shed a Lot
  5. 5-7 Years Since Your Last Cleaning

Having your air ducts cleaned will improve the quality of air in your home, reduce dust and lower energy bills.


How to tell if air ducts need cleaning?

The most obvious way to tell if your air ducts need to be cleaned is when dust builds up on your return vents. The next important sign to watch out for is when you are changing your furnace air filters more than once a month. If your filters are black after a month, then you need a cleaning.


What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

Benefits include:

  1. Clean air
  2. Less dust
  3. Removal of contaminants
  4. No more foul odors
  5. Removal of pollen and pet dander

Having your family breathing cleaner air in your home will benefit everyone living in the home. The air in your home can be more polluted than outside your home.


Will air duct cleaning reduce dust?

Yes, be aware that the biggest contributors to excess dust in your home are:

  1. You and your family
  2. Pet’s and children
  3. Carpets, rugs, drapery, bedding
  4. Cleaning routine
  5. Collection of clutter

Air duct cleaning is not the silver bullet to your dust problems but will help if your supply vents are severely contaminated with debris.


Can you clean air ducts with a shop vac?

No! A shop vacuum cleaner will not get to the deepest reaches of your ducting. Most ducting spans 20-35 feet that connects to your trunk lines. A shop vac does not have the required CFM to properly remove the fine particulate debris that accumulates in your vents. The only thing it is good for is removing dust from your vent covers.


How do you keep dust out of your vents?

To keep dust out of your vents you will need to install fiberglass screen mesh over each and every vent. The same material your windows are screened with. This will help reduce the dust going in and out of your vents. Also, you will need to keep your home clean and debris away from the openings.


Why is my house so dusty all the time?

It is dusty for many reasons, but the biggest reason is due to your carpets, drapery, blinds, furniture, and bedding. These items in your home act as giant filters for pet hair, dander, human skin, and other debris. It is a good idea to have your carpets and furniture cleaned a couple of times a year to decrease dust particles.


Does duct cleaning include exhaust fans?

Duct cleaning does NOT include exhaust fans in your kitchen or bathroom. You are quoted based on the size of your AC and heating ducting. A duct cleaning company may clean these for you if you bring it up during your conversations during the hiring process.


Can mold in your air ducts make you sick?

Absolutely yes! The most common form of mold that develops in your air ducts is black mold. Black mold is very dangerous to breathe in and can cause respiratory issues which may lead to dizziness, nausea, sore throat, watery eyes and shortness of breath. If you have mold in your vents, get it remediated immediately by a mold removal company.