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Nestled in Delafield, WI, our family-owned company, established in 2011, combines small-town charm with professional vent cleaning expertise.

We specialize in air duct and dryer vent cleaning, serving a wide range of homes in the Lake Country area, from historical gems to contemporary marvels.

Our mission is to cater to each residence’s distinct air quality needs with a commitment to excellence in residential and commercial environments.

Our Harland Vent Cleaning Services

Delafield, Wisconsin’s diverse seasonal weather patterns pose distinct challenges for maintaining indoor air quality year-round. Our home duct cleaning solutions ensure a wholesome living environment, addressing everything from spring and summer allergens to the dry conditions of autumn and winter. Our commitment to flexibility and compliance with NADCA cleaning standards is at the heart of our service.

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Reasons to Clean Your Delafield Vents

Each season introduces its own set of air quality concerns in the picturesque Lake Country of Delafield. Our tailored air duct cleaning services are designed to tackle these seasonal allergens effectively, enhancing indoor air quality and offering respite.

This is especially advantageous for those dealing with allergies or respiratory conditions. Routine duct cleaning not only purifies the air but also uncovers and addresses concealed issues in the ductwork, guaranteeing a steady and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Respiratory Issues

Pet Dander

Construction Debris

Newborn & Kids

New Home

Delafield's Duct Cleaning Benefits

Discover Our Thorough Duct Cleaning Method!

Delafield’s duct cleaning offerings are tailored to accommodate the city’s varied architectural designs and duct configurations. We deliver superior air quality by employing sophisticated methods and robust HEPA filtration systems with negative air pressure.

This is particularly essential for residences post-construction or following recent refurbishments. Our methodical process eliminates dust, debris, and allergens, enhancing the efficiency of HVAC systems, cutting down on energy expenses, prolonging the lifespan of equipment, and ensuring a consistently pleasant indoor environment.

James Green, owner of Totally Clean standing next to his duct cleaning vacuum in Delafield, WI.

Before & After Photos of Our Work

At Totally Clean, we provide before and after photos for each task, allowing you to directly observe the outcomes and gain assurance in the quality of our services.

Transparent Pricing Tailored to Your Home

Recognizing the variety of homes in Delafield, ranging from modern family dwellings to historic structures, we provide clear, customized pricing options. We assess each project on its own merits, guaranteeing top-notch service without any concealed charges or unexpected costs.

Our dedication to openness and equity ensures outstanding service that meets and surpasses your expectations within an easy-to-understand pricing structure.

air duct cleaning in residential home in Delafield, Wisconsin.

Dedicated to Your Health and Comfort

Our mission goes beyond just cleaning air ducts; it’s centered on improving the well-being and joy of those living in Delafield.

Through our air duct cleaning services, we not only provide immediate comfort but also contribute to long-term health, aligning with Delafield’s commitment to a wholesome lifestyle.

We are devoted to crafting healthier environments for families and businesses, enhancing the quality of living and working in our lovely community.