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Before you blindly hire an air duct cleaning company to perform a service on your HVAC system, it is important to understand what this service is and is not.

What is an air duct cleaning service?

Many customers do not understand what an air duct cleaning service is. Air duct cleaning is the process of removing the buildup of dust and debris from your home’s ventilation system. Your home’s HVAC system pushes air in a continuous loop throughout your home so that you are consistently breathing new fresh air. 

A home’s HVAC system consists of returning cold air and supplying new fresh air throughout your residence. This continuous air cycle filters out the dust and debris floating around your home, so you will often find that your cold air return vents will start to accumulate dust build up on the register covers. This is because your return lines are like a vacuum. It constantly pulls in the air in your home, and forces that old air to the furnace, where the filter collects the debris and then blows the clean air out to your supply vents where you often feel cold or hot air depending on the time of the year. 

During this process, the walls of your ducting will often collect dust, debris, dander, pet hair, and many other contaminants. After a prolonged period, you will need to hire a Wisconsin based company like Totally Clean with a transparent pricing model.

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Remove Allergens & Dust

Most people have no idea that your home needs an air duct cleaning to help improve the airflow, furnace efficiency, HVAC system lifespan, dust, and odors from the many years of living in your home. Your furnace HVAC system is one of the most expensive appliances in your home! When this system is not maintained, repair bills, filter replacements, and even a complete HVAC system replacement start to take a toll on your wallet. To help mitigate these costly repairs, it is wise to make sure that you perform an air duct cleaning service with a local vent cleaning company on a regular 3-5 year basis as recommended by NADCA.

Totally Clean Pro Tip: Check your furnace air filter quarterly to see if it needs to be changed out. If you neglect this basic homeowner responsibility, your filter will reduce airflow, which in turn causes your furnace to work harder, which raises energy bills and burns out components in your furnace a lot faster! Set a reminder on your phone! 90% of furnace-related, heating and cooling issues are due to homeowners forgetting to change out the filter! Save yourself a $100 service call and the humiliation by simply changing this easy component out!

Reasons to Get Air Duct Cleaned

Knowing when to have your air ducts cleaned and serviced are obvious when you know what you are looking for. Totally Clean is here to help you understand the tell-tale signs that your air ducts need to be cleaned.  We recommend having your air ducts cleaned for the following reasons:

New Home Construction

Did you just have your dream home built? Now is a great time to have your home’s air ducts cleaned out from drywall dust, and other construction debris that either fell into the vents or was purposely used as a garbage can during the construction process! During the construction of your new home, there were probably a lot of different contractors during the building process and not every contractor took the time to either shut your HVAC system off or properly clean up after themselves. Contractors love to use your ducting as a garbage disposal for drywall junks, scrap tile, flooring, and sawdust to name a few items. 

We are often called in to clean out drywall dust from the sanding and finishing process. Your furnace is usually running during this process and sucking in the fine baby powdered drywall dust into your return vents. It often gets passed your filter and into your supply air ducts as well. This continues to circulate throughout your home, causing it to be dusty and a breathing hazard. Drywall dust is not healthy to breathe in. If you have a newborn or children in the house, then it’s a good time to have us clean this out.

Allergies or hypersensitivity to dust and airborne allergens

Many of us suffer from some sort of allergies and it is difficult for us to breathe in our own homes. Oftentimes the indoor air quality in our homes is worse than the air outdoors. There are steps to take to help alleviate the air quality in your home. Air duct cleaning is something you should check off your list. You could have allergens accumulating in your ducting due to previous owners that didn’t take care of the home, never had their air ducts cleaned, kids, pet dander, dead skin cells, nicotine and smoking, pollen, and even sometimes mold. 

When you get your air ducts cleaned with our high-powered air duct cleaning HEPA vacuums, we help eliminate these possible contaminants being cycled through your air supply in your home. We do not guarantee your allergies will be fixed, but you will notice that it will help! This service is great to check off your cleaning list and for that piece of mind!

Purchase of new home

New home? Congratulations, you must be excited, but what you don’t know is what is lurking in your air ducts waiting for you to breathe in! You have no idea what the previous owners were like, what their cleaning habits were like, the type of pets they had in their home, or the lifestyle choices they made in your home. We always recommend getting your air ducts cleaned when you buy a new home. Your air ducts are like a time capsule! The things we find during the cleaning of your air ducts will blow your mind, surprise you and disgust you all at the same time. If you just purchased your home, get your air ducts cleaned and serviced so you can have that piece of mind and so you know exactly what you are breathing in.

Pets & Children

We love our pets and children but what you may not realize is that they are little piggies! Children love to put objects inside our vents out of curiosity, accidentally, and to be mischievous! Pet’s innocently shed their coats of hair and accidentally drop their favorite dog toys in the air ducts and sometimes even dump their food bowl down the venting. We have seen it all! We often find homes, with air ducts built into the flooring to be the dirtiest. Objects easily fall into them, and you would be amazed at the bags of dog food we have cleared out of them over the years! If you’re lucky, sometimes we find some cool antique toys worth value!  

You never know what you will find in your air ducts during our service. It’s a mystery! If you are hypersensitive to pet dander, then this is a good reason to get your vents cleaned out.

It’s just time to get them cleaned!

We are busy and we often forget or overlook some important tasks around the house that need to get cleaned. Your air ducts are one of those that are often items overlooked! If you never had your air ducts cleaned, it’s time to get your home in tip-top shape.

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