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Experience one of the best air duct cleaning services in the Milwaukee WI area. Our team has been passionately improving indoor air quality since 2011. With an average rating of 5.0, it is no wonder why residents of Wisconsin continually choose us for their home vent cleaning.

5-STar Services We Offer In Milwaukee, WI

We remove dirt, debris, dust, mold, and eradicate particles from your HVAC system so your family can breathe cleaner air. If you are in the Milwaukee area, choose us to clean your dirty air ducts or clogged dryer vent. It doesn’t matter if you are in a residential home or a commercial property because we clean it all. Our technicians adhere to NADCA standards!

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Your residential air duct system needs to be cleaned out every 3-5 years for optimal furnace efficiency. Cleaning air ducts helps remove dust mites, allergens, and mold build up that can make you and your family sick if not taken care of.

Residential dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Homeowners of residential buildings often forget that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned out at least once a year. Our dryer vent cleaning services remove lint and clogs that build up in your dryer vent that could be a potential fire hazard.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Your employees and customers' health should be important to you. Our vent cleaning services help schools, hospitals, offices, retail shops, and restaurants breathe clean air. Get your commercial indoor air quality improved by duct cleaners.

Commercial dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Keep your tenants and occupants safe in your commercial buildings by cleaning your outside dryer vents. Dryer vents in commercial buildings need to be cleaned just like your home. They often require more frequent cleanings to remove lint build up.

Reviews of Our Great Work

Top 5 Reasons to Get Ducts Cleaned IN Milwaukee

Customers often wonder when they should hire a duct cleaner. The answer depends on your circumstances but it is a good rule of thumb to have your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years for optimal air quality. Here are popular reasons why our customers call us to clean their air conditioning system:

New Home Purchase

After you purchase a new home for your family, it is a good idea to have your ductwork inspected and cleaned. You never know what debris is leftover from the previous owners and what you are breathing in.

Newborn Baby On The Way

We all want the best for our children and we don't want our children developing any respiratory issues as they are growing up. It is best to remove any allergens and irritants to improve your indoor air quality for your little one.

Recent Construction or Remodel

Contractors build us beautiful homes but oftentimes the work that they do leaves drywall dust and sawdust behind. Frequently, the furnace fan is left on during construction and this material gets into the duct system and is distributed throughout your home.

Pet Dander & Hair

Our furry cats and dogs unintentionally shed hair and dander. Over the years it builds up in our carpeting and gets into the ventilation system which may cause allergies and smells to worsen overtime. Hire an air duct cleaner to remove pet dander from your home.

Allergies & Respiratory Issues

Dirty air ducts can make allergies and other respiratory issues worse if it is not taken care of. By breathing in allergens it can make people who suffer from asthma and COPD feel helpless. An air duct cleaning service will help you breathe easier!

What are the 10 Benefits of Duct Cleaning in Milwaukee?

Our Cleaning Method- Negative Air Contact Cleaning

Totally clean adheres to the NADCA standard of removing contamination from your air ducts. In doing so we use a combination of tools that include: a portable vacuum that pulls 5000 CFM, high powered air lines at a minimum of 175 PSI and agitation tools to loosen and remove contaminants from your heating and air conditioning system.

During the air duct cleaning process, your home’s ventilation system is put under what is called negative air pressure. This ensures fine particles are removed from your system and sucked into a 3-stage HEPA filter so they do not become airborne. There are other duct cleaning methods, but ours is the best way to clean ducting!

negative air duct cleaning method

Before & After Photos of Our Work

All of our valued customer’s will be presented with before & after photos after each job is completed when you work with Totally Clean.

Before After Return ducting that is filled with pet hair on the walls.After image of return ducting with pet hair removed.
Before After Filthy return ducting close up before the ducts are cleaned.20220217_091337
Before After Another before picture of a return air duct that is covered in dust.After picture of return air duct that has been cleaned of dust.
Before After Return ducting with drywall chunks and dust covered on the walls and base of venting.Walls and base of return ducting are now free from debris.

Our Pricing Guarantee

With all the fraud and bait and switch in the air duct cleaning industry, we make it a top priority to be upfront and honest with our valued customers. We guarantee our work and promise that there are no hidden fees.

To properly quote our customers, we will ask a series of questions about your home so you are getting a price that won’t change. The cost of air duct cleaning varies by the size of your house and by how many furnaces heat and cool your home.

At Totally Clean, we charge a flat rate price based on the square footage of your residential or commercial property. This way you don’t have to run around your home trying to count vents. That is just confusing for everyone involved!

Totally Clean Owner posing next to vacuum on the job.

Why Choose Totally Clean?

When we visit your home or place of work, we ensure that we are 100% professional and ready for the job. James Green and his team promise a thorough inspection and cleaning of your HVAC system. James and his son take multiple before and after pictures of your air ducts. This is to ensure you are getting a complete cleaning and that you can see the high quality work we perform.

Totally Clean prides itself on being completely transparent and honest with our customers. We want to make sure we are meeting and satisfying your expectations.

We take great pride in the quality of work and air duct cleaning service we provide. If you have the time, check out our great reviews and feel rest assured that you will be in good hands when you hire Totally Clean!