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The Importance of PSI in Air Duct Cleaning

Castair compressor with 175psi for air duct cleaning.

PSI, or pounds per square inch, is another essential factor to consider in air duct cleaning. PSI measures the pressure of the air that powers the pneumatic tools used during the cleaning process, such as air whips, brushes, and nozzles.

Why is PSI  for Duct Cleaning Important?

The pressure provided by the air compressor is essential for effectively removing dirt, dust, and debris from the ductwork. A minimum PSI of 175 is necessary to provide the right amount of pressure for efficient cleaning. A truck-mounted, 2-stage air compressor with a minimum 30-gallon tank is also required to power the tools effectively.

Having the right PSI rating for the air compressor is just as crucial as having the appropriate CFM rating for the vacuum system. Both factors work together to ensure that the air duct cleaner can efficiently remove contaminants from your heating and cooling ductwork.


When choosing an air duct cleaning company, ask about their cleaning equipment and method. Make sure they have an air compressor with the appropriate PSI rating. A reputable company will have the right equipment for the job and will be transparent about their capabilities.

Don’t settle for an air duct cleaning company in Milwaukee that doesn’t have the proper equipment. Your health and the quality of your indoor air depend on it. Choose an air duct cleaning company with the appropriate PSI and CFM ratings to ensure effective duct cleaning.