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Cleaning Method & Equipment

Before you hire your next air duct cleaner, it is important to know what type of equipment they use and their method. Not all cleaning equipment will do a good job! Learn about our method & equipment.

Negative Air Pressure & Source Removal Method

Totally Clean uses what is called the negative air method to properly clean your air ducts combined with the source removal method, which uses brushes and whips. Our method is the most efficient way to clean your air ducts and ensure they are done properly each time. Just make sure you are choosing a company with a great reputation, has honest reviews, good equipment and does not try to upsell you on unnecessary services.

  1. We use high-powered HEPA-rated vacuums that pull a minimum of 5000 CFM.
  2. The vacuums are brought into your basement and plugged into your trunk lines with an 8-in flexible hose. Yes, we will have to cut 2-4 holes in your ductwork to attach our vacuum. The number of holes we cut all depends on the layout of your trunk lines and how many furnaces you have. Don’t worry! The holes will be professionally sealed up when we are finished so that there are no air leaks.
  3. We then proceed to turn off your furnace at the power source to ensure no one in the home accidentally turns it on during the cleaning process. Please note that your furnace system must be turned off for the air duct cleaning process.
  4. Your home’s air ducts are essentially turned into one large vacuum so we can get all the fine particulate and debris sucked into our HEPA-rated vacuum.
  5. We will then proceed to go to every vent in the home and use our high-powered airlines that operate at 175 PSI to blast and agitate all the debris in each ducting branch line.
  6. Once all the vents and branch lines are cleaned, we will then proceed to the basement to finish cleaning out the return and supply trunk lines.
  7. Your new furnace filter will be installed, and the system powered back on.
  8. A final clean-up and inspection are performed.
  9. Equipment is put away.
  10. Before and after photos are presented, payment is made, and we are gone!

Our Vacuum- Hypervac 220V

At Totally Clean we use the powerful air duct cleaning vacuum called the HyperVac 220. This portable duct cleaning vacuum has the suction power of 5000 CFM, which is comparable to the output of your furnace. When this vacuum is attached to your ductwork, it has more than enough power to suck all the dirt, debris and contaminants into its 3 stage HEPA filtration system. 

air duct cleaning vacuums

Our Compressor- Castair 175 PSI Air Compressor

Having the right air compressor to do the job is essential. We use a 175 PSI, two stage truck mounted compressor that runs off gasoline. At 43 CFM the Castair compressor is the best on the market for duct cleaning. It is just as important to have a good air compressor as much as it is to have a powerful vacuum. Without a strong enough air compressor, the debris will not get dislodged and get sucked into the vacuum.

air duct cleaning compressor