How To:

Prepare For Duct Cleaning Appointment

Most customers want us in an out as quickly as possible. To help us work more efficiently, we have a few requests before we clean your air ducts. Don’t worry! We aren’t asking you to do much!

Prepare For Your Air Duct Cleaning Appointment

Preparing for your air duct cleaning service is stress-free. We make it as straightforward as possible.

We do ask for the following to help us speed up the job and do the job you hired us to do:

TIP #1: Please have all furniture, objects, toys, and debris removed from all register vent openings. This includes a clear path to the furnace and trunk lines. We cannot work efficiently if we are moving furniture and belongings out of the way. If there are any heavy objects, we would of course lend a hand. If there are excessive obstructions when we arrive, we may have to reschedule your appointment.

TIP #2: Have a new furnace air filter ready for us. Please do not install it prior to the cleaning. If you do, then we just kindly ask that you leave the old one by the furnace so we can swap that in prior to the cleaning.

TIP #3: Be courteous and respectful. We will always do the same in return. Please inform all family members and living occupants in the home that we will be there for service on the agreed-upon day, so nobody is surprised by our visit.

TIP #4: Please do not hover and follow us around the entire job. Of course, it is okay to check in on us and ask us questions during the process. We have a job to do, and kindly ask that you go on about your day so we can focus on the cleaning.

TIP #5: We understand many customers work from home, please make arrangements to be mobile that day or inform us of important meetings scheduled for that day. We will only need to be in your office space for a short period of time. We can make quick work of that area if you cannot be disturbed. If we cannot access a certain area, then we cannot guarantee our work. All air ducts must be cleaned.