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When To Have Your Ducts Cleaned

We find that each home and living situation is different. Some customers need duct cleanings more often than others. There are many factors to consider when figuring out how often to clean your ducts.

How Often Do I Need My Ducts Cleaned?

The duct cleaning industry standard for recommending duct cleaning differs from company to company. Most companies will regurgitate and spit out the industry standard air duct cleaning interval of 3-5 years recommended by NADCA for two reasons:

  1. Air duct cleaning companies don’t get a lot of repeat business because this is often a one-time service, so they try to make it sound like you need them again sooner when you don’t need your ducts cleaned as often as they say. Duct cleaning companies do not consider your living situation and make a recommendation based on that. More on that below.
  2.  Many vent cleaning companies are considered fly by night, and scam artists. They do not care to be honest with you and they will find every reason to upsell you on unnecessary services and time frames to clean your house sooner and for more money!

We recommend that your ductwork get a proper cleaning as needed based on your living situation and health needs.

Factors To Consider

Before we do any cleaning we consider many factors in your home which account for dust build-up in your air ducts such as:

  1.     Family Size
  2.     Children
  3.     Pets in the household
  4.     Size of home
  5.     Style of home
  6.     Layout of ductwork
  7.     Quality of ducting
  8.     Cleanliness of home
  9.     Location of home in proximity to external factors (ie: farm fields, dusty roads)
  10.  Filter changing frequency

The 10 factors listed above all contribute to how often you will need your air ducts cleaned and serviced. We often see that smaller homes with larger families, pets, and older carpeting contribute to more dust.

That being said, you may consider having an air duct cleaning service on a more regular basis such as every 3-5 years. Cleaning your air ducts varies from home to home and Totally Clean prides itself on our honesty. After we clean your ducts, we often get asked, “When is the next time that we will need to have our air duct cleaned by you?” 

We often consider the factors above and make a recommendation based on how long it was before your last cleaning, the dirtiness of the ductwork, and the factors we mentioned above. Your recommendation is always carefully crafted based on our assessment of your home when you ask us.

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