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best air duct cleaning companies in Milwaukee

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You may be starting your search and have found endless air duct cleaning services. This guide will help you find the best air duct cleaning companies around the Milwaukee suburbs. Not all air duct cleaning companies are created equally, and it is best to use this article as a point of reference when you are choosing who to hire in the Southeast Wisconsin area.

At Totally Clean we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, which is why we are highly rated and sought after regarding air duct and dryer vent services in your residential and commercial properties. Oftentimes, we are booked out for a couple of weeks, and we will refer our customers to only a few other companies in the Milwaukee area because we know they do a good job.

Best Air Duct Cleaners in Milwaukee

  1. Totally Clean
  2. SimpliHome
  3. Air Quality Controllers
  4. Duct Works Environmental
  5. Capital Heating & Cooling
  6. Stanley Steemer

Air duct cleaning brush in a vent.


Having been around for years now, SimpliHome is an owner-operated duct cleaning company that provides a very good duct cleaning service in the Waukesha County area. They provide a high-quality vent cleaning service, transparent pricing, before and after photos, and powerful negative air equipment. 

SimpliHome is one of the highest-rated furnace and duct cleaning companies in the area. We highly recommend them.

Air Quality Controllers

Located in the heart of Brookfield, WI, near the Elbow Room bar, Air Quality Controllers has five teams of air duct cleaning employees who service all of Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties. AQC has been around for nearly 20 years and relies on gas-powered air duct cleaning equipment. They do a nice job and have the ability to clean large commercial buildings as well as small residential homes. 

Air Quality Controllers pricing has taken a jump in the previous years, but nonetheless, you will get a great duct cleaning.

Duct Works Environmental

A very well-run family-owned and operated furnace and duct cleaning service based out of Waukesha, Wisconsin. Duct Works has been around for over a decade and has top-notch equipment, vans, and employees. They focus a lot on commercial vent cleanings and also do residential cleaning as well. They are very professional, have nice wrapped trucks, and powerful negative air equipment from Hypervac.

DWE does high-quality work and has teams of 2-3 to clean your air ducts fast and efficiently. This company’s pricing is on par with Air Quality Controllers. Duct Works is a great company to work with.

Capital Heating

If you listen to the local radio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you have no doubt heard this company’s catchy jingle. Capital Heating & Cooling is one of the largest HVAC service companies in Wisconsin. They service furnaces, install furnaces, clean air ducts, and much more. Capital Duct Cleaning uses the best air duct cleaning equipment on the market, which are large,, powerful vacuums mounted to a duct truck. 

Capital Heating will do a great job for you, but be prepared to shell out a small fortune to clean your air ducts. 

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer is a nationally recognized franchise that mainly cleans carpets. They also clean air ducts with large vacuums mounted to their truck, like Capital Heating. The nearest local duct cleaning franchise they own is located in West Allis, Wisconsin. Since they have high overhead and expensive equipment, Stanley Steemer is very much the most expensive vent cleaning service in the Milwaukee area.

Some may find comfort in working with a nationally recognized chain when they choose to have Stanley Steemer clean their furnace ducting.


All the furnace and duct cleaning companies mentioned in this list are highly rated and perform great duct cleaning services. You can’t go wrong in choosing one of these companies on the list. The only difference will be price, availability, and length of time to complete a job.

We always warn customers to do their due diligence and ask the right questions when talking to an air duct cleaning company. There are a lot of poorly run/ sham companies in the Southeast Wisconsin region that use bait-and-switch tactics, bad equipment, and low prices to lure you into working with them. Remember, air duct cleaning is not a cheap service if you want your ducts cleaned properly.