Tips for Choosing an Air Duct Cleaning Company

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Choosing the right air duct cleaning company is crucial for maintaining clean and healthy air in your home, especially if you have pets, smokers, or individuals with asthma. Opt for companies adhering to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association guidelines to ensure quality service. Key factors include:

  • Using the latest HEPA filtration systems.
  • Verifying the company’s experience and employee background checks.
  • Ensuring they have liability insurance.
  • Prioritizing quality over the lowest price.

These measures will help you select a reliable air duct cleaning service for a safer indoor environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Pick a duct cleaning company with NADCA certification or follow their guidelines. This shows they meet high clean air standards.
  • Make sure the company has insurance with liability coverage. Using this security measure helps ensure your home is protected and secure.
  • Read reviews on Yelp or Google. See what others say about their service.
  • Compare prices from different companies. Remember, the cheapest may not be the best.
  • Look at the company’s experience and past work. Check if they’ve dealt with homes or problems like yours.

What to Look for in a Duct Cleaning Company

Choose a duct cleaning company with solid experience, the proper insurance, and good customer reviews to boost your home’s air quality.

Experience and track record

Check a company’s history in the HVAC industry. Experience matters because it shows they can handle different heating, cooling, and air quality issues. A good track record with happy customers and successful projects means you can trust them.

Before and after photos of cleaned HVAC systems are proof of their work. Being part of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) proves they meet high standards.

air duct cleaning certifcation

Certifications and references

When picking a company for air duct cleaning, start with their experience. Then look at these critical points:

  • Certifications are important. Find companies that are part of NADCA. They follow rules that help keep your home’s air clean, which is very important if you have pets, smokers, or people with asthma.
  • Ask for references – Good companies will show you what past customers say about them. Call these references to learn how happy people are with the work done.
  • Insurance matters – The company should have insurance like general liability insurance. This keeps your home safe if something goes wrong during cleaning.
  • Look for extra skills – Some teams know how to deal with mold or improve the air inside. This is good if those are concerns for you.
  • Read customer reviews – Don’t just listen to the company; see what everyone says online about their services and how they handle problems.
  • Check with Better Business Bureau – This group gives scores and shares complaints about businesses, which adds another level of trust.

customer reviews

Customer reviews

Check out reviews on duct cleaning companies. Look for stories about improved heating and cooling, fewer allergies, or no mold growth. Good reviews mention professionalism and better air quality at home.

Notice what people say about customer service. Did the team arrive on time? Did they respect the home? Bad reviews can show issues with pricing or job quality. This information helps you choose a company that does excellent work and values your space.

liability insurance for air duct cleaning

Insurance and qualifications

Pick a duct cleaning company with the right insurance and certifications. This makes sure they’re safe and skilled.

  • Insurance is Key: They need liability insurance. It protects you from paying for any harm or injuries during HVAC duct cleaning. You won’t face surprise bills.
  • Certifications Matter: Look for NADCA certifications. It means they meet strict air-duct cleaning standards. Please stay away from companies that can’t show their qualifications.
  • No Extra Fees: Some companies have a lot of hidden fees that they are not upfront about when you get your initial quote. Be careful of all the scams in this air duct cleaning business.
  • Follow Guidelines: The EPA and NADCA have rules for cleaning supplies and returning air ducts, but only NADCA certifies cleaners. 
  • Be Careful with Chemicals: Some firms use biocides or chemicals in cleaning. Do your homework first, as these can change the quality of your home’s air. Know what they are using and why it’s needed.

How to Choose the Best Duct Cleaning Company

Finding the right duct cleaning company means doing your homework—research, ask around, and prioritize those with happy customers and a professional attitude.

Research and compare options

Picking a duct cleaning company needs effort. You want experts who are up to the task. Here’s what to do:

  • Check their experience. Companies that have been around for a while can tackle any problem because they’ve seen various situations.
  • Look for certificates. Trustworthy services have proof, like NADCA approval, showing they’re top-notch.
  • Read reviews online on places like Better Business Bureaus or Google Business Profiles. Happy clients often share good stories.
  • Compare costs. Air duct cleaning prices vary between $350 and $1200, so get different quotes to find the best value without losing quality.
  • Learn about their methods. A great company follows NADCA’s cleaning standards and thoroughly cleans your system, including dryer vents and heat exchangers.
  • Ask how they keep things safe. They should ensure your home, family, and pets are dust-free.

Ask for referrals and recommendations.

Ask your friends and family about their duct cleaning experiences. They can recommend a company that did well for them. This gives you trusted opinions to help you choose.

Online reviews also show how happy customers are with a company’s work. Check sites like Yelp or Google for feedback on air duct cleanings and how companies fix problems. High ratings usually mean they’re good, but look at any common complaints, too.

Consider customer satisfaction and professionalism.

Happy customers show a duct cleaning company does good work. Look for companies with high ratings and positive reviews. These companies care about their work and your happiness. They often train their staff well and follow NADCA standards—a sign of quality.

Companies that offer before-and-after photos of your air ducts prove they do a thorough job.

Using the proper techniques, like negative pressure, helps clean your home’s air.


To pick a good duct cleaning company:

  1. Start by asking them questions.
  2. Check if they have experience and good reviews.
  3. Make sure they have insurance.

It’s wise to compare different companies.

This way, you can get quality service without paying too much.

Clean air in your home is essential. This is especially true for people with health issues. To learn more about keeping your air clean, look at tips from NADCA or EPA.

Remember, clean air makes your home healthier and happier. Taking steps to ensure it shows you care about your family’s well-being.


  • What should I look for in a duct cleaning company?

Find a company that knows about cleaning air systems well. They must show they can do the job right, with proof of their work and happy customers.

  • Are there signs my ducts need cleaning?

Yes, if you see dust build up around your home or the air feels not fresh, it’s time to consider cleaning those ducts.

  • Can I trust all duct cleaning companies?

It’s wise to check reviews and ask questions before choosing a service provider, as not all may deliver what they promise.

  • How often should I get my ducts cleaned?

Experts say every few years is good, but it depends on your place and if anyone has allergies or pets that shed a lot of hair.